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Web security that's changing the game.

Meet WebDefence: A powerful integration for Windows that upgrades your security, keeping your private information private — all while re-envisioning your browsing experience.

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This is your first line of defence.

From browsing history to passwords and credit card digits, you can’t afford to share your data with unsafe sites and malicious pages. Your first line of defence is WebDefence—a Windows integration that upgrades your security while enhancing your browsing experience. With an expandable dock at the top of your desktop, you can search the web and access all of your go-to sites with one quick click.

The security you need.

WebDefence takes the worry out of browsing the web. We put ourselves in your shoes and jam-packed WebDefence with the features you need to feel safe and secure online.

A security-first browser

Built with its very own browser, WebDefence leverages Chromium’s open-source code and benchmark security for a fully custom browser that safeguards you against online threats.

Safe websites only

With Web Protect, WebDefence will save you the nightmare of malware by protecting you from unsafe sites and malicious URLs. You’ll always know which websites to avoid.

History for your eyes only

Don’t want your browser to remember your history? No problem. Turn on Private Mode to prevent WebDefence from saving your history, cookies and private information.

You-approved settings

The only user who can change your search settings is you. No program, app or extension can make unwanted changes, whether you’re searching from your desktop or in a full browser.

More coming soon...

We’re kind of fanatics when it comes to security, so you can bet WebDefence is only going to get more serious about your safety with new features included in future upgrades.


You don’t have time for malware - we get that. That’s why we’re bringing you 24/7 malware detection, so your system is always protected against viruses.


There’s nothing more annoying than pop‑ups interrupting your browsing experience. We’ll block unwanted ads, so you can browse in peace.


Access and stream content faster and safer than ever before. We’ll help you safeguard your privacy and security whether you’re connecting at home or on the go.

Password Manager

Forget memorizing and typing passwords. Managing your logins should be simpler (and safer) than that‑with our password manager, it will be.

Security is just the beginning.

What happens when you’ve never felt safer online? You can enjoy searching the web again. With an integrated dock and customizable dashboard, everything you need is literally one click away


Integrated Dock

Never forget your cut‑and‑paste history.

Searching from your desktop is just the beginning: Your WebDefence dock saves your cut‑and‑paste history, so you never lose important content again.

All of your windows, all at a glance.

Save yourself the minimizing, maximizing, back‑and‑forth time‑wasting: WebDefence keeps your recent windows at the ready, one click away.

Because shortcuts are productive.

With shortcuts that make life easier (and more productive), WebDefence features one-click access to your recent files, recycle bin and screenshots.

Personalized Dashboard

Get to your faves faster.

Your dashboard features a list of the sites you visit the most. We cross-reference that list with the world’s most popular sites, so your private sites stay private.

Bookmark that.

Fear not: All of your bookmarks will transfer seamlessly (and in the same order) from your current browser to your WebDefence dashboard.

Stay up to date.

From the current date, time and weather of your personal locale to the latest international headlines, your dashboard will keep you in the know.